To the attention of the shareholders of "AzRe Reinsurance" OJSC


In accordance with the requirements of Article # 107-1, hereby "AzRe Reinsurance" OJSC (TIN 2001093601) informs of the following next annual General meeting of the Shareholders to be held on June 22, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. at the office the Company located on the following address: AzRe office, 6 Bakikhanov street, “Bridge Plaza”, 8th floor, Baku. The agenda of the meeting includes the following issues:

1.  Approval of the final financial reports of 2019

2. Other issues

Subject to the unanimous agreement of the shareholders with the right of voting, the annual General meeting of the shareholders may also discuss the issues not included into the agenda and make respective decisions.

Shareholders may get the materials for the upcoming General meeting before the above mentioned date of the meeting from the office of AzRe Reinsurance Open Joint Stock Company and submit their proposals.